Jörg Mäsing – Coaching and support for 25 years

I am
– Jörg Mäsing
– a thinking and feeling man with both feet on the ground
– Father second children
– living in the village in Bavaria
– a free spirit
– i strive for balance in myself and in the world
– crazy and strange-worthy
– a world wanderer
an awakener (and sometimes an awakener)

I am an executive in a large international IT consultancy.
My education as a consultant, trainer, (program) manager and executive coach as well as a shaman form the foundation to let my work be successful.

What I do?

  • Consulting by means of coaching and coaching by means of consulting
  • Coaching with connection to further aspects: Looking beyond the horizon,
  • What I bring in is the spiritual level, or call it “the connection between everything”
  • My goal: harmonization of the different levels and maximization of your potential
  • Bring in conversations and methods that help you, as a unique human being, develop new skills and insights
  • Observing carefully, listening closely, asking precise questions – and reflecting objectively, providing individual support and crisp challenge

The world is not flat

Parallel to my activities as a management consultant and executive coach, I expand my knowledge. Shamanic wisdom, ancient healing techniques and hermetic teachings completed to the image of a living, holistic human being, who is not isolated, but in continuous contact with his environment.

I combine authentic “state of the art” coaching with shamanic work and a systemic holistic view of people.

About me – my story

Jörg Mäsing

Born in 1971 in a rural area in NRW, I was early in search of myself. Even if I could not have described it that way.

Today I am a man with both feet on the ground.

Jörg Mäsing

As a (business) consultant in a renowned large company, and as a freelance coach and druid, I have been accompanying people on their path to themselves for more than 25 years.

I was never the boy who played soccer or was in the volunteer fire department – like all the other boys were in my neighborhood. I never condemned it, it just wasn’t mine. But I was out in the woods, playing and talking with trees and watching the animals.

I started my entrepreneurial work in 1995 in (business) consulting. Consulting always means seeing the people. From the outside, the focus is often on a new IT system or a changeover in individual areas of the company.

I abandoned my studies in computer science and psychology in favor of my own company (founded in 1996), in which I was able to employ more than 120 people with 3 other partners over the millennium.

Since leaving my company in 2001, I have been working in well-known large consulting firms, currently leading an international team of colleagues from Germany, Poland, India and France in management.

I am primarily concerned with people. And, taking the upcoming change, help my clients find and create their place.
Also in the introduction of a new IT system personal questions like “What do YOU want”? “What can you do?” often already make you think, and change the path of the project.

Jörg Mäsing

Along the way, I was able to use my training as a trainer (2004-2006) to further develop people on specific topics. Excitingly, here too it is often only secondarily about the content-related topics – yes, you gain “knowledge” – but the question behind it is: what do I do with it? And that means knowing what you actually want yourself

In 2015-2018, I received specialized training to become an executive coach. I also work specifically with executives and help them to orient themselves.

Since my childhood I have been searching for myself. Tried many things, music, motorcycling, working excessively until burnout. Some strokes of fate almost made me fly off the track of my life.

I finally found myself during my shamanic training 2015-2018. Not esoteric, but simply ancient knowledge – about nature, about oneself, about life and the meaning behind much.

The combination of ancient knowledge, a holistic view of our environment and ourselves – on the interconnections of the big world picture – in combination with the classical consultant and coaching training, enables me to accompany and support you in a complete way.

Calling myself a druid and “having both feet on the ground” – also being very successful in a classical profession – is not a contradiction – but enriches my life and the way I help people. This is exactly what allows me to use old methods in addition to modern media and fill in gaps.

Today I am fortunate to be able to pass on my experience in accompanying people.


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