Smoking in the sauna

Smoking in the sauna

Smoking in the sauna is becoming increasingly popular.
It is healthy, healing and a feast for the senses.

The team at the Gerolsbad in Pfaffenhofen approached us for advice on the accessories and incense mixtures required for the regular incense sessions in the sauna.

With the sauna masters we discussed the why, the how, which incense products can be used (and which ones are particularly suitable for the time of year in order to be able to accompany people on this level during their sauna visit).

We created flyers to inform the guests of the Gerolsbad, with background information about incense in general and about the incense used in particular.

We are very pleased about this cooperation!
We wish all sauna visitors to the Gerolsbad in Pfaffenhofen a pleasant and sensual experience!

Your individual incense blend

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Why do we smoke?

People have been smoking incense since time immemorial.
It cleanses the environment of harmful energies and thus changes the atmosphere in a positive way. Smoking gives new strength and well-being.
Incense burning is about detaching the spirit (the effect) of the plant from the matter (plant body). To do this, we use the transformative power of fire by burning the plant parts and/or resins on charcoal.
People also burn incense to experience healing through the soothing scents of plants and resins.
Incense mainly works on a mental and emotional level

Why do we smoke in the sauna?

In the sauna, our entire system relaxes, the pores of the skin open, the muscles relax, our mind becomes calmer and we can optimally absorb the wonderful fragrances and their effect via the limbic system.
Incense supports us in many ways with the subtle forces of nature.


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