Druid, shaman and healer in Pfaffenhofen – On TV on 3.8.2021 at TV.Ingolstadt

Shamanic rituals in the district of Pfaffenhofen – Druid, Shaman and Healer in Pfaffenhofen

“The most famous druid in the world – sure, Getafix from the Asterix and Obelix comics. However, druids do not only exist in colorful booklets, they also exist in real life – and even today. One of them is Jörg Mäsing. He practices Druidism including shamanism. Together with his partner and healer Alice Troll, he even runs a small store in Pfaffenhofen.”

TV.Ingolstadt (Druid, Shaman and Healer in Pfaffenhofen)

One Saturday afternoon, a few weeks ago, we had decided to donate all our stuff we were going to sell at the flea market to the victims of the flood in NRW and Rhineland-Palatinate.
From this idea came that in the following week, on several days, we not only donated things, but helped to sort donations from many other people and to pack trucks full, which were then driven to the flood area.

There we were approached by a reporter from TV.Ingolstadt. “You are a druid, I have heard. Exciting. Can I do a report on it for TV?”

Tuesday, 3.8.2021 was the day.

Druid, Shaman And Healer In Pfaffenhofen

We are in the time of Lughnasadh, or Lammas. The first of two harvest festivals celebrated by our ancestors, the Celts.
Harvest – reap what you have sown and planted. What had been prepared … Long-term preparation and a lot of work was necessary to then be able to harvest something … Not only food … the fruits of our labor …

We celebrate the seasonal festivals anyway – for example with a ritual, at one of our sacred places in the forest.
This time it was different … this time there was a reporter and a cameraman. You have very respectful … Asked questions and watched, filmed and marveled, and were touched by the atmosphere and captured parts of the ritual on film.

Afterwards they drove with us to the Eibenwald, our small, fine store since they wanted to integrate our work there into their contribution.

The result is a TV report about the druid, shaman and healer in Pfaffenhofen. About shamanic rituals here in the woods. A report about us.

In the main news of Aug. 3, 6:00 p.m., presentation of the “top issue” (quote) from min. 00:40, and the intro from min. 17:20.
Only the report as a separate video is available here: Shamanic rituals in the district of Pfaffenhofen

It was so exciting … and yes, we were very nervous before! Once we started our ritual, we did not notice the team of reporters. The nervousness disappeared somewhere in the forest and we just did what we usually do.

Druid, Shaman And Healer In Pfaffenhofen
Shaman and healer in pfaffenhofen

We are so grateful!
For the team of reporters from TV.Ingolstadt, who came up to us, approached us and made this nice feature about us .
We are also grateful to our allies from the other worlds and the Norns who have woven all these things in such a miraculous way. Who not only support us with words and deeds, but also accompany us benevolently every day.

But for that you have to do something… not just “sit on the couch and visualize the forest” … but be active.

What a beautiful metaphor this story is … We just wanted to help, get involved, give back, and then we were so blessed ourselves.



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