Seasonal festivals and rituals in the yew forest

The next upcoming seasonal celebration is Mabon, the autumn equinox, on 9/21-22, 7pm-2pm in Yew Forest or Nature.

Balance and change.
Completing and letting go.

Ruft dich das zweite Erntedankfest? Mehr Informationen findest Du hier: Mabon 2022 Ritual

Weitere Infos rund um die Jahreszeitfeste im Eibenwald

You are so welcome!

Alice and Jörg

Ostara Ritual 2022 on 21.3.22 19-22 clock

Ostara in yew forest
Ostara in yew forest

Ostara – Spring Equinox

Light and dark are now equally strong.
We celebrate Ostara, a festival of the sun and a festival of balance and fertility.
Now is the beginning of the truly fruitful time.

The goddess of spring is on the way with her companion, the rabbit.
It takes care of sowing, new beginnings, overcoming the past and new awakenings.

What adventure do you want to wake up to?
Do you know your inner power that can transform everything?

Now spiritual becomes matter, becomes visible and tangible.
We get into action!

All beginnings are in the East.
There the sun begins its journey and we experience a new dawn.

The Spirit of the East is an adventurer ready to enter new lands and face new challenges.
It gives courage and strength to go into personal responsibility.

Are you ready to celebrate Ostara with us, to meet the spirit of the East and with its help to plant your seeds in fertile soil?

Are you ready to start your trek to new, unknown lands and draw new strength?

Zur Anmeldung gehts hier, oder per Anruf/Whatsapp an 015678/537258, oder per Mail an [email protected].

We are very much looking forward to packing our backpacks with you and paying a visit to the Spirit of the East, seeking his advice, sowing seeds and contemplating new beginnings in the light.

We look forward to discovering the adventurer in you and sending you on a brave journey!
We look forward to welcoming you into the sacred circle and meeting you!

From the heart,
Alice and Jörg

Jul Ritual on 21.12.2021, 19-22 clock

Yul Jul in yew forest Pfaffenhofen

Jul 2021 im Eibenwald

In the time of the longest night and the deepest darkness when the world holds its breath, when the waters are frozen to ice, when the trees stand bare and seemingly lifeless in the silence, the ancient goddess once again gives life to the sun god.

When everything seems lost, life awakens anew, the seed of light rises.
In the dark, we let our hopes grow.

What wants to be dreamed?
The north is the place of winter, wisdom and healing.
In the eye of the storm, silence is at home.

Yul Jul in yew forest Pfaffenhofen
Yul Jul in yew forest Pfaffenhofen

YUL – Time,
Creator Time,
Conversion time…

Let’s dream together what wants to be born!
Let’s lift the treasures that were hidden in the darkness!
Let us honor the wisdom of the dark winter and welcome the light!

You are heartily welcome to join us in the Yew Forest if you would like to take your place in the circle!

Zur Veranstaltung – Jul 2021 im Eibenwald

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