Jul Ritual on 21.12.2021, 19-22 clock

Jul 2021 im Eibenwald

In the time of the longest night and the deepest darkness when the world holds its breath, when the waters are frozen to ice, when the trees stand bare and seemingly lifeless in the silence, the ancient goddess once again gives life to the sun god.

When everything seems lost, life awakens anew, the seed of light rises.
In the dark, we let our hopes grow.

What wants to be dreamed?
The north is the place of winter, wisdom and healing.
In the eye of the storm, silence is at home.

Yul Jul In Yew Forest Pfaffenhofen
Yul Jul in yew forest Pfaffenhofen

YUL – Time,
Creator Time,
Conversion time…

Let’s dream together what wants to be born!
Let’s lift the treasures that were hidden in the darkness!
Let us honor the wisdom of the dark winter and welcome the light!

You are heartily welcome to join us in the Yew Forest if you would like to take your place in the circle!

Zur Veranstaltung – Jul 2021 im Eibenwald


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