Shamanic individual work

The topics on which we can work with you in individual shamanic work, or on which we can work effectively in a shamanic way, are so varied that it is impossible to list them all.

Shamanic individual work includes, among other things

  • Extraction, pulling out of harmful and burdensome foreign energies
  • Soul (share) retrieval
  • Power animal search and connection
  • Healing the body-mind-soul by reuniting the three aspects
  • Aura work
  • Ancestor work
  • Dissolving old vows, oaths, promises
  • Trauma Processing
  • Chakra work
Shamanic Individual Work

In contrast to therapeutic psychiatric appointments, for example, shamanic individual work … work and not just talk. Asking questions and making connections visible is certainly one part, but not everything.

Often … you will “do something”, you will be worked on and with. Your “system” will change through and with the help of forces outside of you.

We not only work on your deficits, but also accompany you back to your self-empowerment.

Aids and tools that can be used in a typical shamanic one-to-one session include

  • Fumigation with native medicinal herbs
  • Work with the shamanic drum
  • Working with tarot cards or runes

Depending on the topic (and, of course, the weather), individual events can also take place outdoors.

Shamanic individual work – Our approach

Shamanic Individual Work

If we don’t really know each other yet, you are invited to a non-binding, free initial consultation (duration approx. 30 minutes). This will show both you and us whether and how we can work together on your topic.

The first appointment for individual shamanic work will take place shortly afterwards: Here we will concretize your request and work on it with shamanic techniques. Experience has shown that these individual appointments last approx. 1.5h-2h each.
The aim is to achieve a change that you can feel after each individual appointment.
There are often tasks for you to do at home after these appointments. Quasi as “homework”.

Whether and how many further appointments are necessary depends on your request and will be discussed and worked out together with you.
The individual appointments take place at intervals of a few weeks to a few months, depending on the situation and concerns.

Between the appointments, we offer you close support from us, which can take place both by telephone and by email/Whatsapp.

Shamanic individual work – female and or male energy?

We, Alice and Jörg, are there for you in our masculine and feminine strength. Sometimes you need one and sometimes the other. We are not in competition with each other; depending on your concerns and topic, you always have the option of working with one or the other.

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