Shamanic wedding – Celtic wedding ceremony – Handfasting

Shamanic wedding ritual – Handfasting

So grateful for the rituals we were able to lead for such wonderful couples.

Celtic wedding

Many people would like to have a wedding before and with their god or gods in addition to – or instead of – a civil wedding.
This can be a church wedding, or a Muslim wedding, or include many other spiritual rituals.

Our ancestors – the Celts – are assigned to the shamanic peoples. This means that the rituals and spiritual way of thinking of the Celts was similar to many other shamanic peoples (which still exist today) in the world.

Our wedding ceremony for you includes ancient elements of our ancestors and is carried by the shamanic view that everything is connected.

Shamanic wedding – Celtic wedding ceremony – Handfasting

We will accompany you on your wedding day. Your HIGH TIME DAY

We will be happy to help you prepare – discuss with you and help you plan.

Experience shows that before the wedding ceremony a detachment and letting go ritual can be helpful – for everyone.
We are happy to do this pre-wedding work with you – often it makes sense to do this ritual a few weeks to months before the actual wedding ceremony.

Would you like to have your shamanic Celtic wedding at your place, or at our ritual places?

Since the process and elements of your wedding are very specific, it is difficult to say anything about the cost before talking to you.

We design the day – your day – together with you. Whether you want to get married as a couple or spend the day together with friends. How the course of the day will take place, etc. will be specifically for you so. The ritual as such (without your and our preparation) lasts about 2.5-3hours on the day of your wedding.

Feel free to contact us!
Then we discuss everything else.
Also, we can possibly put you in contact with other couples that we had the pleasure of accompanying to this wonderful ceremony.

Alice and Jörg

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