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Eibenwald - 24. February 2024

A unique combination and the connection of (at first sight different) worlds and points of view, enables modern business coaching enriched with ancient knowledge.

Jörg is
– on the one hand, an executive in a large international IT consultancy with sound (and long-standing) training(s) as a consultant, trainer, manager and executive coach. As well as
– working independently as a druid for almost 10 years.
This makes it possible to advise on KPIs and modern business management as well as to incorporate traditional methods and spiritual values.

It is a simple truism: everyone is only really successful, and can fulfill their own (professional) task much easier and better, if they are “at peace with themselves” and their body, mind and soul are in balance.

Strengthening “one’s own being” is one of the keys to (professional) success.

Up until our grandparents’ generation, it was commonplace to seek support and advice on many of life’s issues from Christian priests. Also in professional matters.

Modern coaching

Today, coaching is a widely used tool to support leaders.
Coaching encompasses many things:

  • Content knowledge, questioning
  • Pointing out directions, self-reflection, …

What is often missing in many life-style coaching sessions is the reference to one’s own personality, to one’s own self.

Thus it is often spoken of “one’s own mind”, or “one’s own will”.

Statements such as “trust yourself” and other heavyweight-sounding sentence fragments are generously thrown around – only to treat these absolutely important topics in depth in a highly inadequate manner.

In many business coaching sessions, they are even often left out because the coaches are not trained for this and / or they lack their own development in this regard. Many coaches also simply have no expertise in the business world.

As a business druid, Jörg combines both worlds. Knowledge of and from the spiritual world and operating with both feet in the visible business world.

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