Men gang Pfaffenhofen

Men Campfire

We know regulars’ tables, and even love them sometimes.

But is that all?

Here, often only “normal” men’s conversations are held, and there is no real talking. We don’t really exchange ideas and thus deprive ourselves of opportunities to support and reflect on each other . What remains is the feeling of being alone with one’s problems and thoughts, of being the “only one” and therefore not being “right” as one is.

Männerbande Pfaffenhofen

Men gang Pfaffenhofen

What if there was a framework in which all these other issues could be accommodated, honored and appreciated?

What if we talked about ourselves, explored together who we really are?

What if we could find out together who we want to be in reality?

In a circle with other men, in a protected setting.

In the yew forest in Pfaffenhofen
at power places outside in nature

I want to gather these men here in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, the place where I live. And give us men a space, and the opportunity to have conversations beyond the regular table talk.

Talk when you want to talk. Listening when you need to. Silence when you don’t want to speak. Learning from other men. Learning and practicing to be who we are without having to pretend .

Shaman Pfaffenhofen

“Topics are covered here that probably aren’t discussed that often otherwise”

(TV.Ingolstadt, feature about us on 8/18/2021). Link here, the report about us starts from min 8:25

To feel ourselves in our power that is born from deep within ourselves.

We are and were men. Warrior. Hunter. Craftsman. Guide. Farmers. Pride. Honest. Faithful, to us and to our clan.

We used to meet around the campfire in the evenings.
Told how the day was and learned from each other.

Eibenwald - 26. May 2024

One of our power places in the forest, where we sometimes meet for men’s gang Pfaffenhofen …

I want to gather us again, to bring back into our daily lives a tradition that has been forgotten for far too long.

You are so very welcome … At the bonfire of the men – the men’s gang in Pfaffenhofen!

Männerbande Pfaffenhofen – I look forward to you, man!

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