Rune work – Rune magic – Rune magic

Eibenwald - 28. September 2023

Reign til Runa

For a long time I have been engaged in runes.
First out of pure interest – curiosity … I found (and find) runes very exciting creatures.
Then I started to use the runes for myself. For my work on and with myself.
And for several years I have been working with runes for others.

Often I am asked how it is called “right”, what you do there with the runes …

Lay runes? Or draw runes?
Oh yes, runes are something like tarot cards, only made of wood, so it is oracular with runes?
But weren’t runes used and needed by followers of fanatical views? Abused?

Adding to the confusion is the fact that there are different sets of runes. Old Futhark. New Futhark. Ogham runes and some more, partly newer runesets.

We work with the runes of the ancient Futhark. A rune set, which is in this way the oldest rune set, which scientists have found coherent (even if only once coherent, but at least once – since runes were very often worked in wood, there are not many rune sets left the last 2000 years).

What are runes anyway?

Runes are

  1. Symbols corresponding to a letter of our alphabet (e.g. the rune “Isa” stands for the I)
  2. Signs, similar to hieroglyphs, describing a word or an object (let’s stay with the rune Isa, which also stands for the ice)
  3. Magic signs, which – standing in a certain context – can have a meaning, tell a story, show possibilities for the future, etc.
  4. Powerful connections to the spiritual world. With runes can be called forces or runes are forces that work in addition to the elements and other beings with spirit and or soul (but ev. without body), which work to support spiritual work.

Whereby this – if one were to print it out quite correctly – is not even correct. In correct translation, the word “rune” does not describe the single character, but a string of different characters – so rune actually means a “word of runic characters”, and not the single letter.
However, since it has naturalized itself in our colloquial kind to designate with rune the “letter”, I keep this for the simplicity in my work in such a way, and am just not scientifically correct with it ….

Runic work in the yew forest

You can do so much with runes – in such a wonderful way very diverse work with you.

Eibenwald - 28. September 2023

You can …

  • Laying, casting, drawing runes
  • work with one or with three or with even more runes
  • work with runes similar to oracle cards
  • Use runes to support spiritual work, gladly in connection with other elements and beings (smoke, scents etc.)
  • Wear runes on an amulet for support (we are also happy to make your own special rune amulet !)
  • … and some more

Runes and shamanic work

To support shamanic work we use runes again and again in different ways.

Thus, runes are a tool of our work, just like other tools in shamanic work, which are used situationally or quite consciously.

Rune work – Rune magic – Rune magic

You can also work with runes wonderfully outside of shamanic work. Work. Spells.

Exemplary questions would be

  • What do the runes tell me about a particular subject?
  • What do I have to pay attention to with this topic?
  • How is the past / present / future connected?
  • What options do I have?
  • How can I be supported?

Duration and cost of rune work in the yew forest

The duration and cost of the work depends on the question.

So the one / simple question can be answered in 15min, which costs 30Euro.
Topics with 3 runes, which are nevertheless rather easier to work on, often take about 30-45min, which costs 50Euro.
More complex topics that require a certain amount of preparation time can quickly take an hour or more, which costs 90Euro.

Feel free to come in, in the yew forest in Pfaffenhofen!, if we are there and have time, we can also work spontaneously with you and the runes on some topics!

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