House cleaning and apartment cleaning

Eibenwald - 21. May 2024

Everything that has ever happened in a house or apartment leaves an energetic imprint there.
This imprint may have implications for current residents. This can be very stressful in some circumstances, leading to illness, inner turmoil, malaise, insomnia and other problems.

Deceased people are often still “stuck”, disputes from the past are in the walls, or house spirits and nature beings cause trouble.

Often, even the land on which the house is located, never cleaned.
So there could have been a cemetery there many years or centuries ago, or a battlefield, an ancient place of worship, or someone came to death there (possibly unnaturally).

One can well imagine that such energies are burdensome for the current inhabitants of this place.
A house that is overflowing with unresolved emotions and energies often then attracts other burdensome energies as well.

During a shamanic house cleansing we detect these energies and entities, remove them and thus ensure that balance is restored and a harmonious life is possible.

These may be reasons for a house cleaning:

  • You hear voices although no one is there
  • Items such as keys and jewelry mysteriously disappear and suddenly reappear.
  • You sleep badly and nightmares plague you
  • Someone has died in the house
  • A diffuse feeling of unease in the house
  • You feel you are being watched
  • Electrical devices simply turn off and on again for no apparent reason
  • You always feel drained and tired despite enough sleep
  • Pets behave strangely in some areas of the house
  • Children have fears in certain rooms and see entities
  • Objects move by themselves, doors open and close
  • Light switches are operated
  • You perceive shadows that cannot be explained logically
  • You feel someone passing by or touching you, but no one is there

The duration and cost of a shamanic house cleaning depends on the size of the house and the property. An apartment cleaning we charge a flat rate with 3h effort, i.e. 270€ per apartment.

The house or apartment should be free to walk, all rooms must be accessible.

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