Seasonal festivals in Pfaffenhofen

Eibenwald - 28. September 2023

Our ancestors, the Celts, celebrated these days on the dates indicated below. Unlike today’s life, our ancestors did not have 20-30 days of vacation per year, but in addition to the 52 work-free Sundays, they had about 20-40 holidays on which they did not work.

Seasonal festival – rituals in the yew forest

Yule – Winter Solstice

Imbolc – second new moon after Yule

Ostara – Spring equinox

Beltane – fifth full moon after Yule

Litha – Summer Solstice

Lughnasadh – eighth full moon after Yule

Mabon – autumn equinox

Samhain – eleventh black moon after Yule

Seasonal festivals in Pfaffenhofen

We also celebrate the seasonal festivals in the yew forest or in nature around Pfaffenhofen.
Since we are not ritual-dogmatic, but celebrate the festivals as it fits into today’s time, individual days may shift (e.g. to suitable days before or on the weekend).

Details in our events

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