Podcast about … Shamanism hocus-pocus?

In the third podcast with Roland Media from the series “Modern Coaching as a Druid”, we talk about shamanism.

Among other things, we pursue the questions,
– what shamanism means and what it does not mean
– what the difference is between a shaman and a druid
– how long shamanism has existed and where it comes from, and
– why shamanism is becoming increasingly important for people today.

It is time for us to remember!

I am talking about my very personal view of shamanism and make no claim to general validity.

Maybe you are interested in listening to the podcast (e.g. on a cozy evening)?

I am very happy about your feedback: what does shamanism mean to you?

Here is the link to the podcast: Shamanism hocus-pocus?

Youtube Player
Podcast on youtube on the topic “Shamanism hocus-pocus?”

From the heart, Jörg

Time Travel – On the Road with Healer Alice and Druid Jörg on 18.8. in the news Pfaffenhofen

Healer Alice And Druid Jörg

Time Travel – On the Road with Healer Alice and Druid Jörg

Such a beautiful TV contribution
A little longer still than the first report … and so appreciative …

Anmoderation from 0:48 sec., the actual report about us in the Pfaffenhofen local news from 8:25min.

Eibenwald - 15. July 2024
Time travel - on the road with healer alice and druid jörg on 18. 8. In the news pfaffenhofen 8


“What an exciting insight into a different lifestyle” (quote Daniel Wilpert, TV.Ingolstadt).
Thank you, Daniel and Fabian, and the whole TV.Ingolstadt team!

Hintergründe und wie der Bericht überhaupt entstanden ist: Wir werden vom Lokal-TV angesprochen …


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