Rose geranium plant water (hydrosol)


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Rose geranium plant water (hydrosol)

in a spray bottle, made from 100% pure natural rose geranium hydrolate, undiluted and without the addition of alcohol.

The plant spirit of the rose geranium reminds us to enjoy the moment and life sensually

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Plant water (hydrolate) from 100% natural rose geraniums

Rose geranium has a balancing effect and creates harmony.

The plant spirit of the rose geranium reminds us to enjoy the moment and life sensually.

In North Africa, people like to add a few drops of rose geranium water to their coffee to take away the acidity and add a little floral sensuality to this wonderful drink.

Rose geranium water is also one of the beauty waters.

Rose geranium plant water (hydrosol)

May the healing power of rose geranium strengthen, accompany and support you!

All plants are collected by me with respect for Mama Earth and the plant waters are distilled and blessed by myself.

The spray contains only pure plant water without the addition of alcohol and should therefore be stored in a cool, dark place!


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