What is a ritual item?

A ritual object is an animated being that carries a sacred power within it and that has certain abilities inherent in it.

With a ritual object, I create a “dwelling place” or body for a helper spirit that has no body in this world and can therefore only be and act here in this material world to a limited extent.
If I give him a body according to his wishes, made of materials that come from the earth, he finds his place here and becomes visible and tangible for his guardian, whom he then helps.

Each ritual object has its own task.
Wood, stones, feathers… find me and after they have “lived” with me for a while, they tell me their identity and show me their faces and tasks in inner images. Everything suddenly comes together in a wonderful way and he tells, breathes, sings and whispers and finds his expression here in this world.

Some of these beings stay with us to support us in our shamanic work, others are not destined to stay with us. They go in search of their guardian. Someone who needs their help, who understands their language, who can walk with their strength.

It is always a very special moment for me when a being finds its keeper. The connection is immediately noticeable for both of them and a strong force field is built.

Ritual objects connect heaven and earth and weave connections between the different worlds.
They tell stories and are magical memories.

Alice Troll, eibenwald.de

May they accompany and support their Guardians with all their powers and abilities!

May blessings be!


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