Beltane Ritual 2022 in Pfaffenhofen

Beltane Beltaine Pfaffenhofen

Beltane 2022 in the yew forest Pfaffenhofen

We would like to celebrate Beltane with you, the fertility festival of our ancestors.

It is a moon and fire festival and is traditionally celebrated on the 5th full moon after Jul, which is equivalent to the first full moon in May.

The light has now triumphed over the darkness of winter, the male and female forces are brought together to create something new.

New fires are lit with sacred woods and old connections are blessed anew or new connections are made.

Beltane, the festival outside the time…
The mists between the worlds are thin and permeable.
Roots dig deeper.
Projects gain stability and the fragrance of growth, diversity, new life and abundance spreads.

We want to celebrate Beltane with joie de vivre, wildness, lust for life and strength!

In a magical place in nature we will gather and you are so very welcome!

From the heart,

Alice and Jörg

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  • Thu, 28.09.2023 00:20   -   00:20
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