Imbolc ritual 2022

Imbolc - yew forest

Imbolc 2022 in yew forest

We celebrate Imbolc on the second new moon after Yul, in the Yew Forest in Pfaffenhofen.

IMBOLC – Ritual

The light gains strength, we leave the sacred realm of the ancestors,
the elemental beings and fertility spirits return from the earth.
The bees carry the remains of their hives outside, the tree creatures discard dead wood that is no longer needed, and new forces are pooled.

This festival is dedicated to the Celtic goddess Brigid.
She is the fertility goddess, guardian of life and fire.
Also it stands for knowledge and healing.
Their firepower melts the ice and makes the water flow again.

Let’s join forces together,
Weaving visions for new ventures,
ask for clarity, patience and serenity!

What should become visible this year?

What decisions should be made?

What do you want to bring into the world?

Let’s wake up and water the seeds that should really grow!
Let us kindle the inner fire, turn obscurity into clarity and bring light into the night!

We are happy if you want to take your place in the circle to celebrate Imbolc with us.
You are so very welcome here in the Yew Forest!

From the heart,

J├Ârg and Alice ­čîÇ­čöą

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  • Thu, 28.09.2023 00:44   -   00:44
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