Mabon Ritual 2022 in Pfaffenhofen

Mabon in yew forest

Mabon 2022 in the yew forest Pfaffenhofen

Mabon, the autumn equinox.

Let’s celebrate Mabon, the second Thanksgiving in the cycle of the year.
Berries and wine are harvested and before the long nights draw in, we find ourselves in a brief moment of complete balance, absolute equilibrium.

Day and night are of equal length.

We gather to celebrate, to say thank you for the bountiful harvest and to decide what to throw on the sacred compost of life because we no longer need it, it is perhaps “too much of a good thing” and may now enter into the great mysterious alchemy of Mama Earth.

Balance and change.
Completing and letting go.

It is the time to dispense justice, to enter into or terminate contracts, to resolve conflicts.
Time to invite peace.

The spirit of the West is the guardian and shaper of this time.
He is cheerful and friendly and he knows about transience.
He helps us to find the right words to clarify things and to forgive ourselves for many things.
He is the guardian of the transition, guards the knowledge of becoming and passing away and he wanders between the worlds.
The bird’s eye view has become second nature to him and the mysterious twilight is his home.

It is the time of gatherings when the days become shorter.
We gather and assemble and work together to prepare for what is to come.

And so we call you to the sacred fire of the West!
We cordially invite you to take your place in the circle!

Depending on the weather, in the meeting room in the Eibenwald in Pfaffenhofen or at a special place in nature.

From the heart,
Alice and Jörg

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  • Thu, 28.09.2023 01:11   -   01:11
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