Making runes – your own rune set

In this workshop you will

  • Make your own rune set, from stone or wood
  • Together we will consecrate and bless your rune set, and
  • You will revitalize your rune set

Runes scratch no one, he guesses (understands) not how it stands around it

(Egil’s Saga, 12th century)

Therefore, the prerequisite for this workshop is knowledge of the runes of ancient Futhark.
Possibly acquired through our workshop -> see here Workshop: the 24 runes of ancient Futhark
Or taught in other ways.
However, it is not enough to have read a book about runes “at some point”…

Do you know how to carve (the runes)? Do you know how to guess (interpret)?
Do you know how to dye (with blood or ochre)? Do you know how to ask (the gods)?
Do you know how to ask (for advice and help)? Do you know how to sacrifice (what do you want to give)?
Do you know how to send (murmur, speak)? Do you know how to slaughter (what belongs away)?


You can buy the blanks, whether wood or stone, from us or bring them yourself. You need about 30 pieces for the 24 runes, as you will probably “scratch” yourself at some point…

If the weather is good, we will hold this workshop outside – and carry out the consecration and revitalization around the campfire.

We look forward to seeing you!

Alice and Jörg

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Durchgeführt von: Alice Troll and Jörg Mäsing


  • Thu, 13.06.2024 07:20   -   07:20
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