Samhain ritual 2024 in Pfaffenhofen

Samhain 2021 In Pfaffenhofen

Samhain in the yew forest

Grandmother and grandfather time… Ancestral Rune, Root Knowledge.
The mists are lifting …

Samhain is on the 11th black moon after Jul.
The cycle of the year ends and a new one begins.
But before that, nature pauses and quietly exhales.

Dying, letting go, and then new things are born.
We travel into our abysses, into the deep darkness where our roots whisper.
An adventure of the night.

We hear our ancestors whispering and all those who have already traveled through the eternal mist that separates this world from the other worlds.

In this time we can dream you to us, all those who were here before us.

We honor them, remember them, invite them into our midst, ask for advice, resolve entanglements, celebrate with them, and share food and drink.

Sauhain 2021 In Pfaffenhofen
Samhain 2023 in pfaffenhofen

The Samhain ritual in the yew forest in Pfaffenhofen. We start at 7 pm, the end is determined by the ancestors, it may well go late into the night.

We invite you to take your place in the circle. You are so very welcome!

Further information (e.g. items to bring etc.) will follow after registration by mail or and in a personal conversation.

Annual cycle festivals in Pfaffenhofen

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Durchgeführt von: Alice Troll and Jörg Mäsing


  • Sat, 24.02.2024 08:21   -   08:21
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