Summer Solstice – Litha Ritual 2023 in Pfaffenhofen

Litha summer solstice

Summer Solstice – Litha Ritual 2023 in Pfaffenhofen

We would like to invite you to celebrate the summer solstice with us.

A sun festival with the power of fire.

Let us use the protective magical transformative power of fire to protect our coming harvest from the approaching thunderstorms.

The God of the sun gives us the full power of life.

Let us celebrate life with the awareness of mortality, because soon the days will become shorter again.

Have your plans and ideas blossomed, or do they still need something to come to fruition?
What is your purpose, your passion?
What are you burning for from the depth of your soul?

We will ally ourselves with the power of the South, call the Spirit of the South to the sacred fire to ask Him for His advice and support.

He knows about the power of inner fire, independence and meaning in everyone’s life.
The Spirit of the South knows our visions and goals.
His beacon lights up and shows us the way to our future.

We invite you to the sacred fire, to a magical place in nature.
On the summer solstice in Pfaffenhofen

From the heart
Alice and Jörg

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  • Thu, 28.09.2023 00:38   -   00:38
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