Shaman Pfaffenhofen – procedure and prices

Working with the Shaman Pfaffenhofen means: to find the places where you lost yourself, to bring you back to yourself.

If you are currently in a financial emergency and would like to work with us, but can’t afford it right now, then talk to us. Call us, or send us an email – Contact – … we will find a solution.
Whether payment in installments over several months or another way – there is certainly a way! Let’s talk about it!
Alice and Jörg vom Eibenwald in Pfaffenhofen

To download the price list as a pdf file click here: Yew Forest Price List

You can find examples of our shamanic work here:

Shaman Pfaffenhofen – procedure and prices

Shamanic single session, per hour 90€, plus. travel expenses incurred, if any

House and apartment cleaning

The duration and cost of a shamanic house cleaning depends on the size of the house and the property.

An apartment cleaning we charge a flat rate with 3h effort, i.e. 270€ per apartment, plus. travel expenses incurred, if any.

Baptism ceremony – shamanic baptism according to Celtic and Germanic tradition

A baptism ceremony incl. Preparation, implementation and follow-up will be charged at a flat rate of 790€ plus any travel expenses incurred.  

Shamanic wedding – Celtic wedding ritual – Handfasting

The wedding ritual is a very special one, tailored to your needs. The ritual as such will take 2.5-3h on the day of the wedding, requires a little preparation both from you and from us. This, as well as the possible options (with you, with us, with preparation rituals, etc.) we will gladly clarify in a first non-binding preliminary conversation. After that we can give you a first indication about the costs.

Shaman Pfaffenhofen

Our focus is to accompany you on your way. To help you to stay with yourself, not to lose yourself on your way and to arrive strengthened at the goal!

It is important to us that you “arrive” before the ritual, and after the ritual come back to everyday reality.
Therefore, we always have a preliminary discussion as well as a joint follow-up.

In every change lies an opportunity.

How often we work together, how often we meet or talk on the phone or work online, we decide together.

Our shamanic accompaniment is very individually tailored to you. Depending on the topic, several sessions may be necessary.
We will discuss this during the first meeting.

We plan our appointments together, although spontaneous appointments at short notice are of course still possible, as our calendars somehow allow.

Daily rate: 720€, plus. travel expenses incurred, if any  

Full-day events are charged at a flat rate of 720€ per day, regardless of duration.

We will discuss the individual design of the day together with you, with reference to your topic, which will be worked on during the day, incl. the training. Massage, ritual work in nature, shamanic work on and with you and your allies.

Prices and procedures for special offers, e.g. for apartment cleaning or similar, can be found on the corresponding pages of our shamanic work in Pfaffenhofen

Shaman Pfaffenhofen – Mandatory:

You will receive an invoice, issued by our company Sich Erleben, which you can use in your tax return if necessary. However, we cannot guarantee this, as we are not tax advisors and do not (yet) know your individual situation. However, we know a few customers for whom this has worked without any problems.

VAT is currently 19% (as of March 2021). If the VAT rate changes during our joint work, the VAT rate at the time of invoicing will apply.
Due to the small business regulation according to § 19 UStG we do not charge sales tax.

Appointments with the Shaman Pfaffenhofen take place in our rooms, the Eibenwald in Pfaffenhofen, at your home or in nature. In some cases, some appointments can also take place by phone, via Zoom or MS Teams meeting organized by us.

The smallest billing unit is 0.5h.

Travel expenses consist of a travel allowance of 0.51€/km for travel by car or incurred rail costs, proven by invoice, plus travel time at 80% of the hourly rate.


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