Shamanic Festival 2024

According to
2022(Yew Forest at the Shamanic Festival 2022), and
2023(Yew Forest at the 2023 Shamanic Festival),

we are of course ­čÖé again in 2024 at the shamanic festival. And we are sooooo excited about it and for it.

We will again
– have a stand with our products
– Offer rune laying
– conduct a runes workshop
– lead a ritual and
– accompany the campfire of the men
… Phew …

The third shamanic festival will take place again in 2024 in the beautiful Eifel, from 14.06.24-16.06.24.

Yes, the Eifel is about 500km away from Pfaffenhofen … but it is worth it.
At the Nature Friends House there are tent possibilities and in the village there are also vacation apartments, i.e. you can spend a few days of vacation and participate in the shamanic festival.

Printed program booklets are available for you at Eibenwald in Pfaffenhofen.

More info about the festival by clicking on the banner

We would be really happy to see you there!

Alice and J├Ârg

J├Ârg in the podcast: Druid and shaman as business consultants ?! How does that fit together?

I was approached by a professional media agency on the topic of “Business Coaching as a Druid and Shaman … exciting … how does that fit together?”

The result is a podcast in which I discuss how these things – which at first glance do not seem to fit together – nevertheless mesh very well and complement each other wonderfully.

J├Ârg M├Ąsing – Druid and Shaman as Management Consultant

More podcasts will follow – e.g. on topics like “what we can learn from the Celts”.

The podcast is uncut, and therefore honest, tangible.
For me, it’s incredibly exciting and thrilling to be able to do that

Review – Lammas/Lughnasadh Ritual on 1.8.23

🌾🌼🔥🌽🍒🍓 Lughnasadh ritual

It’s been a long time since we told you about our wonderful year-round rituals. Here we would like to let you participate a little in the ritual of 1.8.23, the 8th full moon after Jul.

We celebrated Lughnasadh / Lammas in a magical place in the Enchanted Forest under the branches of Grandmother Beech.

We never doubted that the weather spirits would be kind to us and that we would celebrate outside, despite all odds (and yes, it was still pouring at noon).

While the freshly baked ritual bread smelled in the kitchen we found a beautiful feather in the garden next to the woodpile. It was dry and just perfect.

In the pouring rain, Alice drove off to cut flowers for Grandmother Beech and gather ears of corn.
When she arrived at the meadow, it stopped raining and kites circled overhead. It didn’t start raining again until she was back in the car.

All day we received signs and messages. Everything would be exactly as it should be! At 3 p.m. the clouds broke and the sun showed itself.

When we arrived in the enchanted forest we were enveloped by spicy fresh scent and rays of sunlight fell through the trees, making the small silver drops in the moss glisten.
It was as if the forest and all its inhabitants had dressed up for the first harvest festival of the year.
Grandmother Beech seemed very pleased. One almost had the impression that she was watching us with a grin as we prepared for the ritual.

Then wonderful people gathered to celebrate Lughnasadh with us.
The spirit of the Southwest called us to the sacred fire as hosts.

We opened the sacred space, separated the wheat from the chaff and “mucked out”. Who or what may go, what may stay?
Wonderful images and insights tumbled into the center as each shared their messages.
Some was still cut and cut through with the help of the reaper and the fire took the chaff in its arms to transform everything.

Even unspoken things that were still hidden in some ears of corn went on their journey with the spirit of fire.

  • Lammas Lughnasadh Pfaffenhofen 2023
  • Lammas Lughnasadh Pfaffenhofen 2023
  • Lammas Lughnasadh Pfaffenhofen 2023
  • Lammas Lughnasadh Pfaffenhofen 2023
  • Lammas Lughnasadh Pfaffenhofen 2023
  • Lammas Lughnasadh Pfaffenhofen 2023
  • Eibenwald - 28. September 2023
  • Lammas Lughnasadh Pfaffenhofen 2023
  • Lammas Lughnasadh Pfaffenhofen 2023
  • Eibenwald - 28. September 2023
  • Lammas Lughnasadh Pfaffenhofen 2023

Our grains, the seeds for all that may remain and grow, we threw into the forest with the request that the little people would take care of them in a caring way.

As we blessed and shared the bread together, as our ancestors had done, we were accompanied by the calls of a tawny owl.
What a magical moment!

Strangers become brothers and sisters when they gather together around a sacred fire.
Worlds are moved and changed when we take our places in the circle and remember who we are and what connects us!

The wonderful sweet taste of berries and fresh bread in the mouth, blessed together and broken…

Laughing faces and a song together.
What a gift!

And when we left the forest just before midnight we were greeted by Grandmother Moon, who came out in her full splendor between the clouds.

Thank you to all who celebrated this wonderful ritual with us in the Enchanted Forest!

Der Stamm w├Ąchst und wir freuen uns schon darauf, euch bei unserem n├Ąchsten Ritual willkommen hei├čen zu d├╝rfen!

From the heart,
Alice and J├Ârg

Shamanic Festival 2023

Eibenwald - 28. September 2023

Also in 2023 the shamanic festival took place in the Eiffel, from 25.5.-28.5.

We were there again – with one of our booths, with our products and with rune work.

Workshops (“Smoking with local herbs” as well as ancestress work) were led by us, as well as the men’s campfire….

More information about the festival for shamans and shamanic interested people, you can find here:

It was simply great!

Seasonal festivals and rituals in the yew forest

The next upcoming seasonal celebration is Mabon, the autumn equinox, on 9/21-22, 7pm-2pm in Yew Forest or Nature.

Balance and change.
Completing and letting go.

Ruft dich das zweite Erntedankfest? Mehr Informationen findest Du hier: Mabon 2022 Ritual

Weitere Infos rund um die Jahreszeitfeste im Eibenwald

You are so welcome!

Alice and J├Ârg

Impressions from the yew forest

We have put together a selection of our most beautiful pictures for you to take you on a little journey into the world of our activities and work. Impressions from our rooms, from our ritual work in nature, healing herbal magic that we make in loving handwork with the support of Mama Earth, things that touch and inspire us…

Feel invited to browse a little, to walk a few steps with us in the worlds of the yew forest, a place that enchants!

This compilation will grow from time to time … look gladly again past.

Have fun looking at the pictures from and of the yew forest in Pfaffenhofen

Alice and J├Ârg

Shamanic festival from 28-29.05.2022

Shamanic Festival 2022

We were present with a booth at the shamanic festival in Germany – and also host the men’s campfire there.

This festival is by shamans for shamans who want to network and are interested in sharing and open to other shamanic ways of working. Here you can make contacts and mutually benefit from each other. In addition, those interested in shamanism can immerse themselves in the Otherworld during a weekend and get to know various shamans from all over Germany.

We are so excited to also be able to offer our products, tools, amulets, and herbal work there, offer on-site runecraft at the booth, and host the men’s campfire on Saturday night!

More info -> Shamanic Festival from 28-29.05.2022

Review by Alice on Facebook from 05/31/2022 …

Shamanic festival in the volcano Eifel,

it’s time to say THANK YOU!

I’ll try to find words for a few days that still leave me speechless….

We were at the Shamanic Festival with our spells and runes and on Saturday evening J├Ârg called the men to the sacred fire.

It was a few days full of magic and wonder between worlds.

Shamans, healers, sound wizards, world shifters, world wanderers, seekers, finders, companions, trailblazers, singers, dancers, space holders, interspace companions, earth keepers, sky dancers, dreamers, poets, weavers … gathered and met in a magical place whose entrance is protected by an owl and guarded by kites in the air circling above us.

I would like to say THANK YOU to every single person who was there.
THANK YOU for all the loving and touching encounters.
THANK YOU for the courageous openness to share life stories, to give away feelings, tears, the courage to stretch one’s limits, moments out of time….
THANK YOU for looking into each other’s eyes, for standing next to each other and smiling.
THANK YOU for taking me in your arms, for unbridled joy….
Thank you for drumming at the sacred fire of our ancestors!
Forever I could go on like this and yet it would not include everything that was.
I am deeply grateful to have been part of it.

Strangers became friends and men and women became brothers and sisters.
With some, it felt like they had known each other all their lives and just hadn’t seen each other in a while.

I would like to thank you Brigitte Breuer.
You answered the call of the spirits and called us all together!
You were there the whole time with your wonderful presence, your warm nature, your humor and ability to let things take their course.
I thank your husband with the big heart who always took care of everything with his caring nature and hardly ever took a break.
Thank you to all such wonderful helpers who scurried everywhere and kept everything running!

And I say THANK YOU to all entities of all worlds.
Thank you Mama Earth for your warm presence,
Thank you Father Sky for your “watching over us”.
Thank you to the spirits of the wind that kept churning and blowing away.
Thanks to the fog women who spun their mysterious nets at dawn.
Thank the animal beings for their liveliness.
Thank you to the people of the stones who guard our memories.
Thanks to the spirit of fire that constantly transformed everything.

And as we all drummed together for peace, the sky opened up, right above us!

We can move worlds if we do these things together!

My clothes still smell of the smoke of the sacred fire and it is almost difficult for me to wash them, so much I would like to smell the fragrance of these magic days for a while… 😊🔥

From the heart,

Alice 🌀

Ostara Ritual 2022 on 21.3.22 19-22 clock

Ostara in yew forest
Ostara in yew forest

Ostara – Spring Equinox

Light and dark are now equally strong.
We celebrate Ostara, a festival of the sun and a festival of balance and fertility.
Now is the beginning of the truly fruitful time.

The goddess of spring is on the way with her companion, the rabbit.
It takes care of sowing, new beginnings, overcoming the past and new awakenings.

What adventure do you want to wake up to?
Do you know your inner power that can transform everything?

Now spiritual becomes matter, becomes visible and tangible.
We get into action!

All beginnings are in the East.
There the sun begins its journey and we experience a new dawn.

The Spirit of the East is an adventurer ready to enter new lands and face new challenges.
It gives courage and strength to go into personal responsibility.

Are you ready to celebrate Ostara with us, to meet the spirit of the East and with its help to plant your seeds in fertile soil?

Are you ready to start your trek to new, unknown lands and draw new strength?

Zur Anmeldung gehts hier, oder per Anruf/Whatsapp an 015678/537258, oder per Mail an [email protected].

We are very much looking forward to packing our backpacks with you and paying a visit to the Spirit of the East, seeking his advice, sowing seeds and contemplating new beginnings in the light.

We look forward to discovering the adventurer in you and sending you on a brave journey!
We look forward to welcoming you into the sacred circle and meeting you!

From the heart,
Alice and J├Ârg

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