Shamanic evening

Shamanic Evening

How does it work with the smoking?
And why do you do it one way or the other?

What is it about shamanism anyway?
I would so love to drum, rattle, smoke, etc….

How do you do this or that or why does that work?

So often we get these questions.
Correct questions. Good questions.
And the interest in the topics is increasing.

Recollection and remembrance of the things that, for example, our grandmother already did, or that many farmers still do even in the Allgäu, which help us, parallel to classical Western applications and therapies.

We are so happy about these questions and the interest in shamanic work that we organize a shamanic evening once a month.

Shamanic evening in Pfaffenhofen

For shamans and people interested in shamanism.
For those who want to expand your horizons.
For those who have questions and
For those who want to practice. Want to learn.
With each other.

We will spend 2 hours addressing the topics and questions you bring.
Or cover a selected topic in more depth.

What do you need?
Besides a healthy curiosity and interest, nothing.
We sit on skins and pillows on the floor.
Existing shamanic tools and utensils are welcome to bring, but this is not a condition or necessity, we have everything to practice and try in the Eibenwald in Pfaffenhofen!

Shamanic Evening
Shamanic evening in pfaffenhofen

Are you interested ?
Then feel free to sign up and send us your questions in advance or bring them to the shamanic evening in Pfaffenhofen!

We look forward to seeing you!
Alice and Jörg

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  • Sat, 24.02.2024 09:07   -   09:07
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