Shamanic extraction – ritual tools

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Size: approx. 15cm -24 cm

Please select the nib for your extraction tool, and optionally if you want your extraction tool to have a rune incorporated into it, and if we may consecrate and bless it for you.

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Shamanic extraction – ritual tool

Made from local elderberry branches.
Worked and decorated by hand – decorated with feathers, bells and colored ribbons.

Also available with individual runes and consecrated and blessed.

Extraction means “pulling out

A good tool for this are these hollowed out pieces of branches of the holy elder.

Even our ancestors gave diseases and harmful energies to the elder, because it leads them directly down into the earth.
The elder represents death and rebirth.
Thus, even morticians in England long protected themselves from evil spirits with a staff made of elder.

Many extraction tools we make have a small bell attached to them that can be used to startle the intruder so that it shows itself more quickly and can be extracted.

A feather supports with the energy of the respective bird being.
Birds help us to detach and from the earth perspective and thus better recognize the higher connections.

For use in shamanic extraction rituals, exclusively by trained shamanic practitioners!

We also use our homemade tools in our shamanic work


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Dimensions 25 × 5 × 5 cm

Woodpecker, Woodpecker 2, Woodpecker 3, Goose, Goose 2, Blackbird


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Consecrated and Blessed

Ready to use, Consecrated and Blessed

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